Miss Daisy's Creative Crate

$84.00 - $118.00
Miss Daisy's Creative Crate

This is a crate full of 30 robust, sustainably-grown cut flower plant starts to fill your own cutting garden at home in the summer of 2023. Plants come in a deep cell tray that ensures a large and healthy root ball, hardened off, ready to go directly into your garden. The mix of cut flower plants includes focals, fillers and greens. These plants will cover approx. a 4x8' garden space. Full planting instructions will be provided with the purchase so you'll know exactly what they are and how to best care for them.

If cared for properly, these plants will produce enough flowers for you keep your home filled with bouquets all summer long while also giving the bees and butterflies a place to hang out.

Addition options include:
Lisianthus Bonus Pack - Lisianthus are all the rage! This will be a mix of whatever I order in for my cut-flower gardens and can be ordered in sets of 6 to enhance your cut flower experience. Lisianthus should be "pinched" to get multipe smaller stems that will give you 5-6 harvestable stems per plant. Each stem contains 4-6 flowers. Instructions on pinching will be included.

Sunflower Bonus Pack (SEEDS) - 50 seeds included in this mix will include whites, reds, bi-colors, and a blend of traditional yellows. All pollen-free for mess free enjoyment in your bouquets. Direct sow 10 seeds each week for 5 weeks and enjoy a full season of stunning sunflowers to incorporate into your bouquets!


All plants included in the crates are started and grown right here at Daisy Bell Acres. We pride ourselves in using natural and regenerative ag practices that provide strong robust plants you can put directly into your gardens free of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Plant assortment varies based on what thrives as I sow seeds this spring and conditions in the greenhouse. Not all crates will be the same.

The following plants are possible. All are "cutting" varieties which means they will grow tall with long stems and last longer than varieties not specifically designed for cutting.
- Snapdragons
- Cosmos
- Eucalyptus
- Strawflower
- Yarrow
- Stock
- Dahlia
- Queen Anns Lace
- Zinnea
- Celosia
- Calendula
- Ageratum
- Rosemary
- Blue Disk / African Daisy
- Campanula
- Nigella

Shipping is not available.

Crates will be delivered on May 13th just in time for Mother's Day!

An email reminder will be sent a week in advance verifying all plant starts are ready and weather conditions are favorable for planting! Any deliveries that cannot be made on May 13th will need to be picked up at the farm with arrangements made ahead of time.

NO REFUNDS WILL BE AVAILABLE once your order has been placed. I spend several months growing these plants and planning/preparing for these crates. Your plant starts are placed on reserve the day you place your order. I cannot offer refunds if you are unable to pick up your plants for any reason.

If you have any questions please email me at [email protected]. I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Happy Growing in 2023! Live Colorfully!